रात्रीकालिन आकाश

——————-The Night Sky

About Me

Hello and Namaste lovely people !

I’m Tushar Subedi. I’m from Hetauda, and I currently reside in Samakhusi,Kathmandu.I’m 22 and have completed my bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Institute Of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. Apart from engineering, I have inclination towards literature and music. I play guitar,write poems,short stories and articles. Besides, I have agnostic beliefs.I’m interested in ancient science, modern scientific developments, spirituality and metaphysics.

Please excuse me for the typos and grammatical mistakes. I’d highly appreciate any kind of suggestions and feedback on my entries in this blog. Peace.

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tsubedi3
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Instagram: @tusharsubedi
Gmail: tusharsubedi123@gmail.com